Nitecore TM10K


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Nitecore TM10K

Length: 110 mm / 4.33 in

Head Size: 41 mm / 1.61 in

Weight: 246.5 g / 8.69 oz

Max Output: 10000 Lumens

Max Beam Distance: 288 meters

Max Beam Intensity: 20000 cd


Reflector: Smooth

Battery: Built-in Rechargeable Li-ion 21700 4800mAh

Beam Colour: White

Waterproof: IP68

Impact Resistant: 1 Meter

Tailstand Capable: Yes




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Nitecore TM10K

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The Nitecore TM10K represents a huge leap forward in LED torch technology by providing a truly astonishing 10,000 lumens in a flashlight that can be carried inside your pocket! Featuring six Cree XHP35 HD LEDs housed inside separate smooth polished reflectors to produce a smooth beam pattern, and range of up to 288 meters on the highest brightness setting.

To achieve such a high output in such a small package Nitecore have incorporated a new 21700 battery. The battery selected for this task is the Samsung INR 21700 48G, which has a 35A discharge current and 4800mAh capacity. The battery is fixed inside the torch and can be charged via a Type-C charging port on the tail of the torch. A QC 2.0 charging circuit means the TM10K can be nearly fully charged in 30 minutes.

As with any high power compact torch heat quickly becomes a limiting factor, to combat this Nitecore have incorporated several unique features:

  • Die-cast aluminium design for improved heat dissipation along the body of the torch.
  • The six LEDs are embedded onto a 4mm thick copper PCB.
  • The battery is kept isolated from the heat build-up by using a CNC aluminium heat sink.
  • Two integrated thermal sensors monitor the temperature of the LEDs and the system and adjust output accordingly.

The status of the TM10K can be monitored via an OLED display which shows battery voltage, runtime remaining, temperature and a turbo progress bar. Another unique feature is the ability to customise the light output, when setting the mode the OLED display will show the current brightness level and users can increase / decrease by 100 lumen increments.

Brightness and Runtimes:

  • 10000 Lumens - Limited to 7 seconds per activation - 288 meter range
  • 1000 Lumens - 2 hour runtime - 90 meter range
  • 300 Lumens - 7 hour runtime - 49 meter range
  • 100 Lumens - 14 hour runtime - 28 meter range
  • 3 Lumens - 200 hour runtime - 5 meter range

**Runtimes are cumulative and don't take into account temperature regulation**

Two lockout modes ensure the TM10K will not be accidentally activated: When in full lockout mode all buttons are disabled making it suitable to storing in a backpack etc. Half lockout mode disables all buttons apart from the tail switch, keeping it available for emergency situations.

Water resistant to IP68 (2 meter submersible). Tail stand capable. Hard anodised finish.

Accessories include a belt holster and pocket clip.

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