Fenixlight Limited was established in 2004 to specialise in research and development of high quality illumination tools. The first ever Fenixtorch was released in 2005 and named the L1+. Powered by a single AA battery it quickly gained popularity and worldwide attention as a new era of high power LED flashlights began.

Since 2005 Fenix have continued to innovate and produce some of the best flashlights available on the market today. Whether you are looking for a small key ring torch, rechargeable handheld flashlight, head torch or long range searchlight there is a Fenix model to suit your requirements.

TK Series are tactical flashlights boasting high brightness levels and strobe plus SOS modes.

PD Series are compact high power torches powered by Li-ion batteries. Ideal for every day carry.

E Series feature simple features and represent great value for money.

LD Series are designed for outdoor pursuits with durable designs capable of withstanding the elements.

RC / UC Series feature in-built recharging of the Li-ion batteries.

Warranty Details:

15 days free replacement: Fenix will replace a new product within 15 days of purchase for any manufacturing defects if problems come into being in normal use; We will replace it with the same model. If the model has been discontinued, customers will receive a product with similar or improved model.

2) 5 years free repairs: Fenix will offer free repair within 5 years for lights from the date of purchase if problem develops with normal use. Different warranty period for different types of product:

  • Flashlight, Headlamp, Bike Light and Camping Lantern - 5 Year Warranty´┐Ż(excluding battery)
  • Flashlight, Headlamp, Bike Light and Camping Lantern with built-in battery - 2 Year Warranty
  • Rechargeable battery, battery charger, bike mount & remote pressure switch - 1 Year Warranty

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