Nitecore TM28


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Nitecore TM28


  • Length:


  • Head Diameter:


  • Weight:



  • Material:

    Aero grade aluminium alloy

  • LED:

    4 x Cree XHP35 HI

  • Switch:


  • Reflector:



  • Rechargeable:


  • Special Modes:

    Location beacon / SOS / strobe

  • Maximum Output:

    6000 lumens

  • Maximum Beam Distance:

    655 meters

  • Water Resistant:



  • Included:

    4 x IMR batteries

  • Compatible:

    4 x IMR batteries / 4 x 18650 Li-Ion batteries

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Nitecore TM28

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The Nitecore TM28 searchlight has a maximum output of 6000 lumens from the four Cree XHP35 HI LEDs and can be powered using either 4 x IMR or Li-ion 18650 batteries. Four IMR batteries come included with the torch and provide the maximum brightness of 6000 lumens, where as the Li-ion cells provide a maximum output of 4500 lumens.

This powerful flashlight is the latest addition to the Nitecore Tiny Monster series and makes for an excellent searchlight. With its impressive output and incredible beam distance up to 655 meters, the TM28 does not compromise on size and weight, offering a compact and well balanced design. In addition to five brightness levels, ranging from 2 to 6000 lumens, the torch offers three special modes, including Location Beacon, SOS and Strobe. The TM28 offers two modes, including daily mode which accesses all outputs and a search mode which operates only high and turbo mode.

The TM28 comes with a power adaptor, allowing it to be plugged into a wall socket and charged directly, without the need for an external charger. The flashlight has an intelligent charging circuit with a built-in microprocessor which automatically identifies battery satus and adopts an appropriate charging mode accordingly. Featuring an onboard OLED display, the TM28 offers information on the brightness level, battery level, battery voltage, remaining runtime and operating temperature.

Brightness Levels & Runtimes:

Using 4 x IMR 18650 Batteries
Turbo: 6000 lumens - 45 minutes runtime
High: 2300 lumens - 2 hours runtime
Medium: 1000 lumens - 4 hours 30 minutes runtime
Low: 320 lumens - 11 hours 15 minutes runtime
Ultralow: 2 lumens - 1000 hours runtime

Using 4 x Li-ion 18650
Turbo: 4500 lumens - 1 hour runtime
High: 2300 lumens - 2 hours 15 minutes runtime
Medium: 1000 lumens - 5 hours runtime
Low: 320 lumens - 14 hours 30 minutes runtime
Ultralow: 2 lumens - 1000 hours runtime

Plus Location Beacon, Strobe and SOS modes flashing modes.

Maximum beam distance 655 meters, waterproof to IPX-8 and resistant to impacts up to 1 meter.

Includes: UK plug power adaptor, wrist lanyard, holster, holster, wrist lanyard, charging port cover, flat top battery connector and 4 x IMR 18650 3100mAh batteries.