MecArmy produce some of the most unique and innovative torches and accessories available on the market today. Based in Shenzhen China, the MecArmy name comes from a combination of the co-founders common interests; mechanical engineering and the armed forces. Established in 2015, MecArmy continues to grow its workforce and range of excellent products.

An area MecArmy particularly excel is in the small key ring size torches. The BL lights are extremely small and bullet shape, the SG range offers up rechargeable EDC lights that can be attached to a set of keys and the SGN7 even incorparates a 120 decibel alarm! There are also full size handheld torches in the SPX and PT ranges.

In addition to LED lighting MecArmy also offer gadgets including tactical pens, battery cases, carabiner clips, knives and fidget spinners. Look out for special limited edition runs with some artistic finishes.