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Imalent R90C

Imalent R90C


Imalent produce a wide range of high power LED Torches and Flashlights ranging from the compact DN70 with an output of 3800 lumens all the way up to the Imalent DX80, which boasts an astounding 32,000 lumens, making it the most powerful searchlights we have ever sold to date.

The Imalent range offer value for money without sacrificing build quality. In addition to the hand held torches there is also a rechargeable bike light called the BG10 and two head torches in the HR20 and HR70.

Imalent boast am impressive Research and Development Team that continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with LED technology and Flashaholics will continue to offer the new models as they are released.

Warranty period for all Imalent products is 24 months.