Maratac 1D


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Maratac 1D
  • Length: 4.1"
  • Diameter: 1.6"
  • Weight: 143 g (excluding battery) / 280 g (including D cell)
  • The reflector is aluminum alloy
  • Flashlight body is made of aircraft grade aluminum covered with Type III Military grade anodization
  • The lens is a sealed polypropylene sphere
  • Has standard tripod mount threaded bottom for easy mounting
  • The 1D's proprietary circuit design features reverse polarity protection and runs off of one D Cell battery that provides 2 levels of operation (Constant Low / Constant High)
  • Twist on for Low / Twist on again for High
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Maratac 1D

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The Maratac 1D flashlight has a maximum output of 860 lumens from the Cree XP-L V5 LED and has a beam temperature of 5000K. The torch is powered by either 1 x D cell which gives a 570 lumen output, or use the battery holder with 4 x AA batteries. Using AA cells provides the optimal 860 lumen maximum output, however the runtimes are significantly reduced compared to the D cell.

The Maratac torch is ideal for a range of applications, from camping to outdoor exploration or store in your glove box in case of emergencies. Made from high quality, durable aluminium, the flashlight will accompany you anwhere.

The 1D flashlight offers two brightness levels which can be switched between by twisting the light. 

Brightness Levels:
Using 1 x D Cell 
High: 570 lumens - 6.5 hrs runtime
Low: 50 lumens - 110 hrs runtime

Using 4 x AA batteries
High: 860 lumens - 2 hrs runtime
Low: 50 lumens - 22 hrs runtime

Includes: spare o-rings.
Please note, batteries are not included.