Nitecore EA1

Nitecore EA1
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EA1 : £45.95
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Powered by 1xAA (alkaline or NiMH) or 1x14500 li-ion battery. Maximum output of 190 lumens.

Nitecore EA1 Explorer torches feature a unique dual electronic switch system. Switch 1 turns the light on and off and also accesses the strobe and SOS modes. Switch 2 controls the brightness adjustment when the light is turned on. In addition there is a hidden turbo mode, accessed pressing and holding switch 2.

The EA1 can be easily found in a dark room thanks to the flashing red led. The red LED can also be activated for constant on use as a low level light by pressing switch 2 from the off position.

Class leading large reflectors ensure the light has a good balance of throw and side spill. The range of throw can be up to 25% more than lights of similar size and brightness.

Brightness Levels based on 1xAA NiMH 1.2V 2500 mAh battery:
Turbo Mode: 190 Lumens
High: 110 Lumens - 2 hour 20 minute runtime
Mid: 50 Lumens - 5 hour runtime
Low: 15 Lumens - 17 hour runtime
Micro: 4 Lumens - 80 hour runtime

Maximum beam distance 123 meters, waterproof to IPX-8 (2 meters submersible) and resistant to impacts up to 1.5 meters.

Head diameter 25.4 mm for choosing filters & diffusers.

Includes: Quality holster, lanyard, spare O-ring & 1 x AA alkaline battery.


  • Battery: One AA
  • Bezel Diameter: 25.4mm
  • Body Diameter: 19mm
  • Length: 81mm
  • Weight: 47.5 grams


Switching ON/OFF

To switch ON: Press the “ON/OFF” button once to turn the light on.
To switch OFF: Press the “ON/OFF” button once again to turn the light off.
Note: When EA1 is off, the power indicator (red light) will flash once every 3 seconds to act as a locator . In this mode, the EA1 consumes a very little amount of current (about 0.15mA) to maintain working of the built-in MCU and power indicator. In this mode, one AA battery will last about 2 years.

Brightness Selection

With the flashlight switched-on, each time you press the “MODE” button, it will go through the dif ferent preset brightness levels as follows: ultra-low mode→low mode→medium mode→high mode then repeat. In this mode, the flashlight has a memory function. It can memorize the selected brightness after turning the light off. The next time turning on the light, it automatically resumes to the previously selected mode.

Entering Turbo Mode

With the flashlight switched on, press the “MODE” button for more than 1 second, EA1 will enter Turbo mode. Press the MODE button again, the flashlight will retreat from turbo brightness and resume to previous brightness. In Turbo mode EA1 circuit will deliver maximum current to make brightness as high as possible.


1. After 3 minutes working in Turbo mode, the flashlight will automatically restore to the previously selected brightness level to safeguard against overheating.
2. While activating Turbo mode, the brightness level increases about 80 lumens. Due to adaptability of human eyes, this brightness increase may not be apparent within close range observation. In real-world usage, mode can throw to a longer range.

Entering Strobe and SOS Mode

With the light switched off, press the “ON/OFF” button for more than 1 second to enter Strobe mode. In strobe mode, press any button ( ON/OFF or MODE) to exit strobe and switch the light off.
With the light switched off, press the “ON/OFF” button for more than 1 second to enter SOS mode. In SOS mode, press any button (ON/OFF or MODE) to switch off the light and quit SOS mode.

Red Light Mode

With the light switched off, press the “MODE” button to enter red light mode. In this mode, the power indicator will continuously emit red light (0.2 lumens). Press the “MODE” button once again to quit the red light mode.

Lockout Mode

With the light switched on, press the ON/OFF button for over 1 second to enter lockout mode. In lockout mode, EA1 power source system will shut down most of the circuit components to reduce its power consumption. The MCU only consumes small amount of power to maintain its work. The red light indicator also switches off to save energy. Under this mode, the maximum consuming current is about 0.1mA, which ensures one AA battery can last for around 3 years. In lockout mode, the 2 buttons on EA1 will not work,

Power Indication

With the light switched on, and when the battery power has been consumed by about 50%, the power indicator light (on the control panel) will flash once every 6 seconds as a reminder of battery capacity. When the battery power is almost depleted, the power indicator light will flash 3 times every 3 seconds to indicate low battery capacity. When entering lockout mode, the power indicator will automatically detect and notify you of battery voltage (accurate to ±0.1V) with a se ries of flashes. For example, if the battery voltage is 4.2V , the indicator will flash 4 times, followed by a one second pause and then another 2 flashes.

Battery replacement

If battery level is low, the red power indicator light will flash three times every 3 seconds. If the power level is critically low , the light will become very dim and unresponsive to brightness adjustment. A replacement battery is required at this time

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