Zebralight SC700d HI


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Zebralight SC700d HI


  • Length:


  • Body Diameter:


  • Head Diameter:


  • Weight:



  • Material:

    Premium grade aluminium

  • LED:

    Cree XHP70.2 neutral white

  • Switch:


  • Reflector:

    Orange peel


  • Rechargeable:


  • Special Modes:

    Beacon and strobe

  • Maximum Output:

    3000 lumens

  • Water Resistant:



  • Included:


  • Compatible:

    1 x 21700 flat top Li-ion bettery

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Zebralight SC700d HI

4 Reviews

5.0 Overall rating



We are fortunate to be able to purchase this light outside of the US and I couldn’t be happier with the service received. Incredibly compact and built like a tank, the long awaited SC700d HI has a very useful floody/throwy beam with fantastic sustained brightness. I was surprised by how similar it is to the SC600w IV plus HI in usage and size. It appears much larger in images and is surprisingly pocketable, I’d be happy to carry it over the SC600. Admittedly the XHP70.3 is ‘green’ tinted, but outdoors it is perfectly practical. Vapcell N50 is a little loose in the tube so applied some tape to stop the rattle. The light excels once you customise the UI - G6 and G7 modes as with previous Zebra models, can be customised.


Having owned a couple of Zebralights, I knew to expect quality, and that’s what I got with the SC700d. I had heard complaints of a green tint from this emitter, but I see nothing of this. An astonishing amount of light from something that is still an EDC-sized package (just). Decent spot to flood ratio too.


Solid torch, the battery compartment is a little bit larger than the battery so there is a little rattle but this is a minor thing. Solid beam with low to high modes easily found


Good Flashlight, not so sure about the new dark shade of anodisation, prefer the older shade, but has quickly become one of my main nighttime walking lights along with an Emisar D1.


The Zebralight SC700d torch offers an impressive maximum output of 3000 lumens from the Cree XHP70.3 HI Neutral White LED and is powered by 1 x 21700 flat top, unprotected, Li-ion battery (not included). 

The SC700d has a basic operation system to operate the main levels. One short click on the head torch turns on the light to High and again to switch it off; two short-click turns on the light to Mid and three short-click turns on the light to the special modes. Press and hold the switch (for over 0.6 seconds) to cycle through Low, then Mid and High, simply releasing at the desired level.

For more advance operation and configuration, press and hold to cycle from Low to Mid to High, and release at the desired level to set. Double click the switch to toggle and select between the two sub-levels for that main level. Sub-level selections for the 3 main levels are memorised after the light is turned off and through battery changes. 

The second sub-level (H2, M2 and L2) of each main levels can be further programmed to different brightness levels. At a main level, double-click 6 times to start configuration. On subsequent double-clicks the light will cycle through different brightness levels. When a configuration is finished, short click to turn off the light. The selections for the second sub-levels are memorized after the light is turned off and through battery changes.

Brightness Levels:
(Please note, the following specification is for the Cree XHP70.2 LED as Zebralight have not yet released the levels for the updated LED.)
High: H1 3000 lumens (PID, approx. hours) or H2 1458 lumens (PID, approx. hours) / 945 lumens (PID, approx. hours) / 583 lumens (hours)
Medium: M1 192 lumens (hours) or M2 52 lumens (hours) / 25.2 lumens (days) / 11.6 lumens (days)
Low: L1 2.1 lumens (days) or L2 0.32 lumens (month) / 0.12 lumen (months) / 0.04 lumen (months)

Plus Beacon Strobe Mode: 0.2Hz Beacon at Low / 0.2Hz Beacon at H1 / 4Hz Strobe at H1 / 19Hz Strobe at H1

Waterproof to IPX-8.

Includes: pocket clip and spare o-rings.
Please note, battery is not included.

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