Zebralight SC63


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Zebralight SC63
  • 80º Spot
  • 12º Hot Spot
  • Nominal CCT: 5700K
  • Head Diameter: 0.96 inches / 24.5 mm
  • Length: 3.64 inches / 92.5 mm
  • Weight: 1.3 oz / 38 g (excluding battery)
  • Operating Voltage Range: 2.7V - 6.0V
  • Built-in battery discharging protections with continuously monitored temperature, current, and voltage, plus a (2.7V) low voltage cutoff
  • Battery capacity indicator
  • Automatic stepping down from High to Medium, and from Medium to Low when battery capacity is low
  • Durable electronic soft-touch switch
  • Smart user interface
  • Precision machined unibody casing from premium grade  aluminum bar stocks
  • Proprietary heat sinking design bonds the LED board directly to the unibody aluminum casing
  • Durable natural hard anodized finish (Type III Class I)
  • Sealed and potted LED driver circuitry
  • Tempered optical grade glass
  • Orange peel textured reflector
  • Battery reverse polarity protection
  • Pre-installed pocket clip
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Zebralight SC63

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This is an amazing little light. I like to carry a very bright pocket torch on my keyring, and I want the high capacity of 18650 batteries. I previously had an Olight S2, but I just found it impossible to find the on button by feel, and even worse, it came on in my pocket, and got red hot! The Zebralight is even brighter than the Olight, and the button is both easy to find and doesn't come on by accident in my pocket. My only two criticisms are that it doesn't have a lanyard attachment (though I can attach the pocket clip to my keyring, just about), and that it doesn't take the standard length, protected 18650 batteries which I already have a good supply of, but the shorter, unprotected ones. Nonetheless it still deserves five stars because it's simply the best, smallest, and brightest pocket torch available today.


Fantastic torch.. this must be the brightest torch available for its size 1300 lumen and plenty of selection for lower outputs. I also have the SC62 which is also great at 1000 lumen. Flashaholics service & delivery is also great A+ all round. Thanks Steve


The Zebralight SC63 has a maximum output of 1300 lumens from the Cree XHP35. With a nominal CCT 5700K, the torch has a cool white beam; the higher the Kelvin (K), the cooler the beam temperature.

** This torch requires an unprotected flat top IMR 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery that measures between 65 and 65.2 mm. Please note, a battery is not included **

As with most of the Zebralight torches, the SC63 features three main brightness levels (High, Medium and Low) plus a beacon-strobe mode. Each main level can be programmed to one of its two sub levels. The second sub level can then be further programmed to different brightness levels, offering a huge range of settings for a multitude of applications.

The flashlight has a basic operation which allows access to the main brightness levels and a more advanced system for programming and configuring the various settings. Press and hold the switch to cycle through the levels and release at the desired brightness. Double click to select between the two sub levels for the chosen main level. To programme the second sub level, double click 6 times at the main level to start the configuration.

Brightness Levels:
High: H1 1300 lumens - 2.2 hrs runtime or H2 670 lumens - 2.8 hrs runtime / 360 lumens - 4.3 hrs runtime / 160 lumens - 12 hrs runtime
Medium: M1 70 lumens - 33 hrs runtime or M2 32 lumens - 73 hrs runtime / 12 lumens - 8 days runtime
Low: L1 3.8 lumens - 18 days runtime or L2 0.43 lumens - 2.8 months / 0.06 lumens - 5.1 months runtime / 0.01 lumens - 7.1 months runtime

Plus Beacon Strobe Mode: 0.2 Hz Beacon at Low / 0.2 Hz Beacon at H1 / 4 Hz Strobe at H1 / 19 Hz Strobe at H1

Waterproof to IPX-7.

Includes: spare o-rings

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