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  • Crust Materials: Anodized aircraft 6N01 aluminum alloy, type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • Working Voltage: 1.5~3.5V
  • Battery: 2*AA
  • Switch: Tactical switch, Side swtich
  • Size: Φ23.0mm(Head dia)x Φ19.8mm(Body dia)xΦ21.0mm(Tail dia)x158.0mm(length)
  • Net Weight : 60g(Excluded batteries)
  • Additional Functions: Memory function, Hidden mode (Strobe, Signal, SOS)
  • Dual switch design: tactical switch for the momentary-on and turning on/off the light; side switch for changing modes
  • Power indication: When batteries capacity falls below 25%, the LED indicator illuminate; battery capacity falls below 5%, the LED indicator flashes
  • No standby current
  • Click the side switch to change between modes, Double click the switch to access and change between the Hidden modes.
  • Excellent heat dissipation design
  • Gold-plated spring, antioxidant and avoid poor contact
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The XTAR WK40 is powered by 2 AA batteries and features a Cree XM-L U2 with a maximum brightness of 220 lumens. The WK40 features a dual-switch design and quick double click to access the hidden strobe & SOS mode, making it a convenient and easy to operate flashlight. 

Brightness Levels:

Turbo: 220 Lumens - 2.7 hour runtime

High: 80 Lumens - 6.5 hour runtime

Mid: 30 Lumens - 15 hour runtime

Low: 3 Lumens - 75 hour runtime

Strobe: 220 Lumens

Signal: 80 Lumens

SOS: 80 Lumens


Beam distance of up to 70 meters, waterproof to IPX-8 and impact resistant to drops from 1.5 meters.


Includes: Lanyard, spare o-ring, pocket clip and a pair of AA batteries.


Please note you cannot use Li-ion batteries and should not mix Alkaline & Ni-mh batteries.