TEC Accessories Neo-Spec Aluminium Magnifier


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TEC Accessories Neo-Spec Aluminium Magnifier

Body Dimensions:

  • Length: 2.76" [70.0 mm] (Lens Retracted)
  • Length: 3.66" [93.0 mm] (Lens Extended)
  • Width: 1.03" [26.0 mm]
  • Height: .236" [6.0 mm] 


  • Body/Housing: 7075 aluminum
  • Cover: 6Al-4V titanium (Grade 5)
  • Lens Slide: 7075 aluminum, black anodized
  • Lens: Scratch resistant N-BK7 Glass
  • Cover screws: M2 stainless steel Torx Plus screws 

Weight: 0.92 oz [26 grams]

Finish: Cerakote finished housing in your choice of 6 colors: Black, Gray, Blue, Rose Gold, Copper, Red


  • N-BK7 Glass
  • 2" [50 mm] working distance
  • 5X magnification
  • 0.75" [19.0 mm] clear aperture
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TEC Accessories Neo-Spec Aluminium Magnifier

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The Tec Accessories Neo-Spec Aluminium pocket magnifier is small, lightweight and a great everyday carry.

Made with aluminium and a cerekote finish, the pocket magnifier is tough, durable, scratch and corrosion resistant. The lens is made from scratch-resistant glass offering a super thin profile, 3/4" clear aperutre, 5 x magnification and a 2" working distance to allow inspection of a wide range of items without distortion.  

A positive-action magnetic end stops and maintains the position of the magnifying lens ensuring protection when not in use. 

Available in Black only.