Nitecore Tube


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Nitecore Tube
  • High performance LED produces 45 lumen on high
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery provides a runtime of up to 48 hours on low
  • Integrated intelligent Li-ion battery charging circuit (micro USB charging port)
  • Single multi-stage switch offers access to all functions via one-handed control
  • Features two brightness levels and infinitely variable output mode
  • Features extremely wide 100° flawless beam to light up peripheral vision
  • Constructed from durable Poly carbonate materials
  • Dual metal key ring connector withstands up to 35 kg
  • Impact resistant to 1.5 meters
  • Extremely lightweight, compact and portable

Dimensions: 56.5mm x 21mm x 8mm (2.22” x 0.83” x 0.31”)

Weight: 9.6 grams (0.34oz) (including battery)

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Nitecore Tube

10 Reviews

4.9 Overall rating



Still good but it's changed... This is the fourth one I've bought, although the first of the newer version with the solid colour shell. The fact that the shell is a solid bright colour (orange in this case) is great as the torch is harder to lose. You still get an indicator LED, to show charging status, that glows through the shell although in this version it's white instead of blue - presumably to make it visible. I love the size and weight and the variable brightness. Battery life on lower settings is fantastic for its size. These torches are handy little task lights remember, not throwers for searching a mountainside. Where previously I'd rank it five stars I've deducted one just for the LED tint. This new light, compared with the other three, has a much cooler light temperature, a fairly blue cast to the white. It doesn't add any brightness and to me it masks true colours of objects lit. OK the last ones weren't exactly Nichia 219 warm but they were almost warm enough, this one is too cold but other than that still a good light.


Very handy keychain light. very nice flood beam tint pretty good too, neutral white. Very light and plastic


Nice keyring torch and rapid delivery as always :)



great little product, well made and clever interface, great value, easy to carry and so handy.


Very small, light and quite bright for a keychain light.


Lovely small torch perfect gift for children and useful for adults


Lovely small torch perfect gift for children and useful for adults.


As always, fast postage, superb products without fault, and I simply don't need to go anywhere else for my comapys needs other than flashaholics


Excellent everyday carry key fob torch giving an amazing light output for its size, with the added bonus that it can be recharged again and again. The price to be honest amazingly low for something this good.


The Nitecore TUBE is the worlds lightest rechargeable flashlight, weighing in at only 9.6 grams with a built in high efficiency Li-ion battery. Small enough to fit onto a key ring, the TUBE has a maximum brightness of 45 lumens and features a unique user interface:

Low Output:
Press and hold the button to access low 1 lumen mode

High Output
Press the button twice is quick succession to enter high output of 45 lumens

Momentary Illumination
With the light turned off, press and hold the button for more than one second to enter momentary on in high mode (45 lumens). Simply release the button to turn off

Infinitely Variable Brightness
When in low output, press and hold the button for more than one second to access infinitely variable brightness mode. Simply release the button when the desired brightness level is reached.

Available in Pink and Olive.