Nitecore TIKI LE


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Nitecore TIKI LE

Max Output: 300 Lumens

Max Beam Distance: 71 meters

Max Beam Intensity: 1260 cd

Max Runtime: 40 hours


Battery:  Rechargeable Li-ion 130mAh

Special Modes: Red/Blue Warning Light

Length: 55 mm / 2.16 in

Head Size: 14.7 mm / 0.57 in

Weight: 10.5 grams / 0.37 oz

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Nitecore TIKI LE

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Lightweight and robust light


The Nitecore TIKI LE is a new rechargeable key ring torch that is extremely light weight (12 grams) and compact (5.5cm) yet has an impressive maximum output of 300 lumens from its OSRAM P8 LED. A built-in 130mAh Li-ion battery is housed inside the TIKI and has comparable efficiency to a AAA cell at a fraction of the weight.

In addition to the main LED there are two additional auxiliary LEDs located in the body of the TIKI LE:



The auxiliary red and blue LEDs of the TIKI LE can be used as a signal marker to indicate location and also set to flashing alternating blue / red, which can be used as a warning light making it ideal to draw the attention of oncoming vehicles and pedestrians to avoid potential hazards.

The latest production techniques have been used to construct the body of the TIKI LE from durable black polycarbonate with an aluminium alloy head to assist with heat dissipation.

Direct access to high level brightness is achieved by pressing and holding the side switch and release to turn off. This user interface prevents accidental operation while in a pocket of bag. A double click activates constant lighting mode and then a short press cycles through the four brightness levels:

High: 300 Lumens - 30 Minute Runtime - 71 Meter Range
Medium: 60 Lumens - 1 Hour Runtime - 31 Meter Range
Low: 15 Lumens - 4 Hour Runtime - 15 Meter Range
Ultra Low: 1 Lumen - 40 Hour Runtime - 4 Meter Range

To access the auxiliary LEDs triple press the side button and then a short press to cycle between Blue - Red - Blue / Red Warning Flashing.

Charging the TIKI LE is simple via the micro-USB port, which is protected by a rubber cover. A blue charging indicator shows when charging is in progress and turns off when charging is complete. It is also possible to use the TIKI while it is being charged making it ideal for use with a powerbank while camping etc.

Advanced Power Cut-Off Technology (APC) ensures an ultra-low parasitic drain so the TIKI LE can be left on standby for a full year!