Nitecore T4K


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Nitecore T4K
  • Dimensions: 82.3 mm x 30 mm x 29.2 mm / 3.24" x 1.18" x 1.15" (including clip)
  • Weight: 77 grams / 2.72 oz. (including clip)
  • Utilises a total reflective optic system for uniform, soft light
  • Multifunctional OLED real-time display
  • Built-in 1000mAh li-ion battery
  • Advanced Power Cut-off (APC) technology for an ultra low standby power consumption
  • Built-in li-ion battery charging circuit with a USB-C port
  • Highly efficient constant current circuit provides a stable output
  • 2 user modes available
  • Dual side switch design
  • 5 brightness levels available with direct access to turbo
  • Intelligent mode memory function
  • 2 lockout modes available
  • Incorporated Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) module
  • HA III hard anodised finish
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Nitecore T4K

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Tiny toy good finished, even if you drop it by mistake doesn't have big dent, I found it very useful, thank you


The Nitecore T4K is the world's smallest 4000 lumen LED torch measuring just 83mm long and weighing 77 grams! Small enough to fit onto a key chain and easily removable thanks to a quick release mechanism. There is also a versatile deep carry pocket clip on the back of the light.

Rechargeable via USB-C with an internal 1000mAh Li-ion battery. The T4K can also be used while being powered / charged by a powerbank.

Featuring four Cree XP-L2 V6 LEDs and a total reflective lens system for a uniform beam pattern with a range of up to 209 meters. The quad-core emitters are embedded on a 3mm thick copper cooling PCB, designed to dissipate the heat generated as efficiently as possible. An OLED real-time display shows battery level and voltage, brightness level, user mode and remaining runtime.

Operation of the T4K is via dual switches with instant access to turbo and two lockout modes. Half lockout disables the power button but the mode button can be held for instant access to turbo in emergency situations. Full lockout disables both buttons so the T4K can be safely stored in a bag.

Two user modes are available. Demo Mode for every day carry and short time illumination, and Daily Mode for long time activation. Advanced temperature regulation adjusts the brightness according to the working temperature to maintain optimal performance and to prevent overheating.

Brightness Levels, Runtime and Range

Turbo: 4000 lumens - Burst Only - 209 meters
High: 200 lumens - 2 hours 45 minutes - 45 meters
Medium: 65 lumens - 7 hours - 24 meters
Low: 15 lumens - 21 hours - 13 meters
Ultra Low: 1 lumens - 67 hours - 3 meters

Highly efficient constant current circuit (non-PWM) for a comfortable viewing experience.

Hard anodised finish.

Includes USB-C charging cable.

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