Nitecore SENS AA2


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Nitecore SENS AA2
  • CREE XP-G (R5) LED
  • Maximum output of up to 170 lumens
  • Highly effective current circuit board
  • High efficiency circuit enables maximum runtime of up to 37 hours
  • 3 preset brightness levels
  • Active dimming system with auto-adjust function
  • Soft turn-on mode and low illumination for everyday usage
  • Integrated reverse-switching
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Equipped with integrated lens
  • Constructed from aerospace grade aluminum alloy
  • Type III military grade hard anodizing
  • Special-made rhombic knurling for better grip
  • Waterproof in accordance with IPX-8 (2 meters submersible)
  • Tail stand ability
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Nitecore SENS AA2

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4.8 Overall rating



This is a neat idea to vary the light output based on the angle you hold the torch and a very good price. Marked down because the batteries rattle slightly which is annoying for something that is otherwise such a pleasure to hold.




Nice flashlight with the novelty of the sens feature.


I ordered two of these at a discount price. One was faulty and I sent it back to Flashaholics. I had a working replacement and a refund for my postage in 5 days. Brilliant service. This is a great torch and I'm sorry Nitecore does not seem to be persisting with the Sens range. I suspect there may be quality control or reliability problems with the automatic dimming mechanism. I have the single AA version of this (a twisty) and it still works fine after some years, but the three luminosity levels aren't ideal for night walking. With the AA2 version you get a tail-switch and the outputs are just right: 20 lm is good for seeing what's underfoot; 50 lm is ideal for picking out the way a few metres ahead; and 170 lm is great for checking into the distance. AA batteries make it easily compatible with other kit, and you get a very neat, hand-friendly forch with enough light for not too much weight. I doubt if the automatic dimming really extends runtimes by a factor of 5-8, as claimed, but it certainly protects the batteries a fair bit.


**WAS £34.95, NOW ONLY £14.95!**

The new Nitecore SENS AA2 is powered by two AA (alkalien or NiMH) batteries and is the only light in the SENS range to feature a rear click switch.

The SENS AA2 adopts Nitecore's Active Dimming Technology (ADT). To operate the torch in "single output mode" simply hold the torch (while switched off) at the relevant angle to the ground as shown below then turn it on by pressing the tail switch.

Brightness levels based on 2 x AA NiMH 2400 mAH batteries :

High: Straight ahead - 170 Lumens (3 hour runtime)
Medium: 45 degree angle downwards - 50 Lumens (11.5 hour runtime)
Low: Straight down - 20 Lumens (37 hour runtime)

The torch will "soft start" and ramp up to the chosen brightness, then stay at that brightness level regardless of angle, until turned off. The SENS torches do not have a memory mode, and will always turn on based on the angle you hold them at when turning on.

To activate the "automatic level adjust", hold the torch (while switched off) with the lens pointing directly up and turn it on. The light will now automatically adjust between low, medium and high in relation to the angle it is held.

Includes two AA batteries.