Nitecore NU25


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Nitecore NU25

Weight: 28 grams (excluding headband) / 51 grams (including headband)

Length: 56mm

Height: 35mm

Depth: 23mm

IP66 Rating

2.26WH High Capacity Li-ion Battery (Built-in)

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Nitecore NU25

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Brilliant light, but not perfect. I have used Flashaholics many times and their service like always was super quick. Regarding the Nitecore NU25, I would give a 4 out of 5, reason for this is the interphase, ie the switching program. The main light will always start on low, excellent, but you can only change to medium and high within the first 3 seconds, so if you are working with one power level and later on you need more brightness, so you need to go to the next brighter level, the light will switch off on the next press of the button, the alternative to this is go to turbo by a long press of the switch, then only alternative is switch off by next press of switch. So TO RECAP from low, after 3 second your only alternative to go to medium is to switch the light off and on AGAIN to cycle though modes within the 3 first seconds. Obviously, Nitecore does not field test their light as they would have found this extremely unfriendly. Apart from this, the rest is excellent, very light and small (little concern about durability, I would have preferred aluminum to plastic), the CRI secondary light is good for reading or close work, you can USB charge it while lit up (I like this) and the adjustable bracket has been redesigned from the weak one fitted on the N20. Perfect around the house, for close up work and reading and I am sure will be very handy this summer when camping, In all a very good compact and light headlamp, highly recommended.


The Nitecore NU25 is a unique rechargeable head torch with three separate light sources. Available in black or yellow.

  1. The main white LED is a Cree XP-G2, with a maximum output of 360 lumens and a range of up to 81 meters. This LED is housed inside an orange peel reflector and produces a smooth beam pattern with 100 degree angle making it ideal for walking and other outdoor pursuits.
  1. In addition to the main light there is an auxiliary high CRI >90 LED that is suitable for short range illumination such as reading or use inside a tent. This LED is also good for use in emergency situations as it will not use very much battery power. High CRI lighting resembles morning sunlight and produces accurate colour rendition.
  1. The third lighting source comes in the form of a low level red light with two selectable brightness levels. Red light does not degrade adapted night vision like white light and is also useful for night photography.

Brightness, Runtimes and Range

Main White LED
Turbo: 360 lumens - 30 minute runtime - 81 meter range (will lower brightness to protect from overheating)
High: 190 lumens - 5 hour runtime - 61 meter range
Mid: 38 lumens - 8 hour runtime - 27 meter range
Low: 1 lumen - 160 hour runtime - 3.8 meter range

20 lumens - 6 hour 15 minute runtime - 5.5 meter range

High: 13 lumens - 7 hour 45 minute runtime
Low: 0.9 lumens - 68 hour runtime

Featuring a built-in 2.26WH rechargeable Li-ion battery that is charged via micro USB (equivalent to three AAA batteries). The USB port is protected by a rubber cover to ensure the NU25 is waterproof to IP66. The battery is rated for over 500 charging / discharging  cycles making it kinder to the environment than disposable cells. A power indicator inside the switches displays the remaining battery power via a series of flashes.

Continuous illumination means the NU20 can be used while connected to a USB power source such as the Nitecore F2 making it a good backup for emergency situations.

Built-in FPC heat dissipation system allows for maximum cooling surface in a small space and constant circuit means there is no flickering (PWM) for reduced eye fatigue.

The NU25 can be tilted downwards 60 degrees and includes an adjustable elasticated headband with silicon sweat diverting strip.

Operated via dual switches with lockout ability to prevent accidental operation.

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