Nitecore NU25 UL


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Nitecore NU25 UL


  • Size:

    60.1mm x 33mm x 25.5mm

  • Weight:



  • Material:

    Aluminium and polycarbonate

  • LED:

  • Switch:


  • Reflector:



  • Rechargeable:


  • Special Modes:


  • Maximum Output:

    400 lumens

  • Maximum Beam Distance:

    64 meters

  • Water Resistant:



  • Included:

    1 x built-in battery

  • Compatible:

    1 x built-in battery

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Nitecore NU25 UL

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The NU25 UL is an ultra-light version of the ever so popular NU25 (2022) rechargeable headlamp, weighing a mere 45g, offering a maximum output of 400 lumens and beam distance of 64 meters. 

The NU25 UL headtorch offers a spotlight, floodlight and red light source.  The dual spotlight and floodlight is the perfect combination of long distance and flood beam. The red light source is ideal for emergency response, stargazing, wildlife watching, fishing and much more. 

The NU25 UL has a headband that is light, more durable and more resistant to low temperatures.  It is designed with a reflective and glow in the dark band, helping alert pedestrians and vehicles guarding your safety at night.  It also has a hollow bracket specially designed for easing the burden. When having the most lightweight kit is essential for your expeditions and adventures, the NU25 UL is the perfect choice.

The headtorch also features:

  • Built-in USB port
  • 4 Brightness levels
  • Unibody optical lens system
  • Easy one-handed operation


Brightness levels, Runtime and Beam Distance:


High: 400 lumens, 2 hours 40 minutes, 64 meters

Medium: 200 lumens, 4 hours 40 minutes, 45 meters

Low: 60 lumens, 10 hours 25 minutes, 24 meters


Medium: 200 lumens, 4 hours 15 minutes, 58 meters

Low: 60 lumens, 10 hours 30 minutes, 31 meters


Medium: 200 lumens, 4 hours 15 minutes, 28 meters

Low: 60 lumens, 10 hours runtime, 12 meters

Ultralow: 6 lumens, 10 hours runtime,  4 meters

Red Light

Constant on: 10 lumen, 16 hours runtime, 8 meters

Slow-Flashing: 10 lumens

One-hand operable with dual button interface. When the NU25 is off, double press the power button to access ultralow, or long press the mode button to turn on the red light.

Waterproof to IP66 - Dust-tight and protected against strong jets of water.

Nitecore NU25 UL Includes: USB-C charging cable.

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