Nitecore LR50


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Nitecore LR50
  • Dimensions: 119.8 mm x 57 mm x 30 mm / 4.72" x 2.24" x 1.18"
  • Weight: 110 g / 3.88 pz.
  • Integrated intelligent USB charging and discharging management system to be used as a portable power bank
  • 3 brightness levels and 2 special modes
  • Multiple illumination direction settings available
  • Highly translucent PC diffuser allowing all light source to be well distributed
  • Power indicator shows the remaining battery power
  • The power indicator can also display the battery voltage
  • USB port enables a max output current of 2.1A
  • Automatic detection of the battery level and automatic adoption of the optimal charging modes between CC and CV
  • Activates over-discharged batteries with protective circuits
  • Location indication function
  • High efficiency constant circuit provides stable output
  • Magnetic base and hanger equipped for multiple environments
  • Body made from durable and fire retardant PC materials
Product thumb
Nitecore LR50

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The Nitecore LR50 is an innovative camping lantern, offering a maximum output of 250 lumens from the high CRI LEDs which offer a warm beam temperature for natural colour rendition. The lantern is recommend to be powered by 1-2 18650 Li-ion batteries which can be charged inside the light. Alternatively, it can use CR123 single use or RCR123 Li-ion cells, however these cannot be charged inside the LR50.

In addition to being a camping lantern, the LR50 doubles up as a power bank and 18650 battery charger. To use as a portable power bank, simple connect to the light via the USB port and allow it to charge your device, from headlamps to cameras and mobile phones. Alternatively, connect the lantern to a power source via the micro USB port, such as to a USB adapter, power bank or solar panel, to charge up 1 or 2 18650 Li-ion batteries inside the body of the LR50.

The camping lantern offers three brightness levels, plus two special modes of beacon and SOS. The LR50 has various options for which way the light is illuminated to save power and provide the best lighting set up for your application. Choose from downward lighting, suitable when the light is hung upside down, or forward lighting for short distance illumination. To allow for hanging upside down, the lantern has a metal hanger and a magnetic base so it can always be attached by the base, no matter where you are.

Brightness Levels & Runtimes
(Measured using 2 x Nitecore 18650 Li-ion 3500mAh batteries - available separately):

High: 250 lumens - 10 hours runtime
Medium: 65 lumens - 22 hours runtime
Low: 6 lumens - 100 hours runtime

Plus Beacon and SOS flashing modes (250 lumens).

Ultra compact and portable making it ideal for camping and as an emergency lighting source.

Maximum beam distance 24 meters, waterproof to IP66 and resistant to impacts up to 1 meter.

Includes: USB charging cable and spare o-ring.