Nitecore EDC33


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Nitecore EDC33


  • Length:

    115.6 mm / 4.55"

  • Tube Diameter:

    24 mm / 0.94"

  • Head Diameter:

    25.4 mm / 1"

  • Weight:

    127 g / 4.48 oz. (including clip)


  • Material:

    Aluminium alloy

  • LED:

    UHi 20 LED

  • Switch:

    Tw-step tail switch

  • Lens:

    Optical lens with double-sided scratch resistant coating


  • Rechargeable:


  • Special Modes:

    Search and Lumin Shield

  • Maximum Output:

    4000 lumens

  • Maximum Beam Distance:

    450 meters

  • Water Resistant:



  • Included:

    Built-in li-ion

  • Compatible:


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Nitecore EDC33

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The Nitecore EDC33 brings several new and unique features to the high performance LED torch market. Featuring the all new NiteLab UHi 20 Max LED with a multi-core integrated design of a small yet high-intensity main core with 8 auxiliary cores arrayed together into a single LED. The result is a light that offers long-range coverage, extreme brightness and the ability to seamlessly switch between spotlight and floodlight. Thanks to the Supreme White Colour Consistency processing, it can emit a pure and soft white light. 

Lumin Sheild feature means that in any mode (except for full lockout) a full press and hold of the tail button activates all 9 LED cores to create a 4000 lumen wall of light, offering unparalleled experience in self-protection.

Another unique feature of the EDC33 is the Rapid Lock physical lockout switch. Slide the switch to instantly access full and half lockout modes. This design helps prevent accidental operation during storage or everyday carry. It’s quick and intuitive to use, even in critical situations.

The EDC33 is rechargeable and features a built-in 4000mAh 18650 Li-ion battery. This helps keep the light small and compact while still providing excellent runtimes. The charging port is USB-C and is covered by a rotary protection cover, to protect against dust. Four power level display lights indicate the remaining battery power.

Brightness Levels, Runtimes and Range

Lumin Shield™ (Floodlight): 4000 lumens - Burst - 400 meters
Search (Spotlight): 1700 lumens – Burst - 450 meters
High: 1200 lumens - 2 hours 31 minutes – 208 meters
Mid: 300 lumens - 6 hours 58 minutes – 182 meters
Low: 70 lumens - 31 hours – 93 meters
Ultralow: 5 lumens - 63 hours – 25 meters

Constructed from 7000 series military grade aluminium alloy (7075-T6), which is one of the strongest aluminium alloys available. It offers an 88% increase in hardness over standard 6000 series used in conventional torches.

Another unique feature of the EDC33 is the sensor protection function. When the built-in optical sensor detects an obstruction ahead at close distance the brightness will automatically decrease to avoid overheating. 

Large hole deep carry pocket clip and 550 paracord lanyard included.

Nitecore EDC33 Includes: USB-C charging cable, paracord lanyard and deep carry pocket clip.


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