Nitecore EDC27


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Nitecore EDC27


  • Length:

    135.6 mm / 5.34"

  • Width:

    31.4 mm / 1.24"

  • Height:

    20.7 mm / 0.81"

  • Weight:

    124 g / 4.37 oz.


  • Material:

    Stainless steel with PVD coating

  • LED:

    2 x Luminus SST40s

  • Switch:

    Dual tail switches

  • Lens:



  • Rechargeable:


  • Special Modes:


  • Maximum Output:

    3000 lumens

  • Maximum Beam Distance:

    220 meters

  • Water Resistant:



  • Included:

    Built-in li-ion

  • Compatible:


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Nitecore EDC27

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The Nitecore EDC27 is a new flashlight from Nitecore with a slim profile design. Featuring a  stainless steel body with a PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) matte titanium coating. A copper and aluminium heat dissipation module helps draw heat away from the LEDs to provide longer lasting lighting.

New version features proximity sensor that detects obstructions directly in front of the LEDs and lowers the brightness to prevent overheating.

The EDC27 utilises two Luminus SST40 LEDs and a total reflective optic lens for uniform lighting beam pattern. Maximum brightness is 3000 lumens.

Powered by a built-in rechargeable 1700mAh Li-ion battery, which is charged via a USB-C port on the side of the light.

Operation of the Nitecore EDC27 is via two tail buttons, which are at different heights to enable easy identification. The mode button is a two stage switch with Nitecore's patented Strobe Ready technology. A full press and hold of the mode button enables instant access to strobe and a half press and hold enables instant access to Turbo brightness.

Brightness Levels, Runtime and Range:

Turbo: 3000 lumens - Short Burst Only - 220 meters

High: 1000 lumens - 1 hour 45 minutes - 130 meters

Medium: 200 lumens - 3 hours 45 minutes - 57 meters

Low: 65 lumens - 11 hours  - 32 meters

Ultralow: 15 lumens - 37 hours  - 14 meters

The EDC27 features a removable pocket clip that allows it to be easily carried on webbing, clothing etc. and also has a hole that can be used to attach a lanyard.

A multifunctional OLED display shows the brightness level, remaining runtime, battery voltage and if the light is in lockout mode. Two lockout  modes are available, half lockout that still enables access to strobe and turbo and full lockout, ideal when carrying or storing the EDC27.

Highly efficient constant current circuit (non-PWM) provides a comfortable viewing experience.

Nitecore EDC27 Included Accessories: USB-C Charging Cable

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