Nitecore AP10 Air Pump


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Nitecore AP10 Air Pump

Input: 5V⎓2A
Rated Power: 18W
Battery Capacity: 3,600mAh
Inflation / Deflation Pressure: ±4.5 kPa (High Air Pressure); ±2.2 kPa (Low Air Pressure)
Airflow Rate: 300 L/min (High Air Pressure); 150 L/min (Low Air Pressure)
Brightness: 300 Lumens (HIGH); 150 Lumens (MID); 40 Lumens (LOW)
Dimensions: 80mm x 56mm x 51mm (3.15" x 2.20" x 2.01")
Weight: 178g / 6.28 oz
Accessories: Carrying Bag, USB-C Charging Cable, 4 x Nozzles

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Nitecore AP10 Air Pump

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The Nitecore AP10 is an ultra compact electric air pump with a powerful maximum air pressure of 4.5kPa and a maximum airflow rate of 300L/min.

The AP10 comes with 4 nozzles making it suitable for airbeds, air pillows, swimming rings, kayaks and so much more, taking only (approximately) 10 seconds to fill an air pillow.

Featuring a quick deflation port, the pump optimizes space and saves time. It is able to deflate 6 vacuum bags in just 1 minute.


A power indicator can be found on the side of the pump, letting you know when it is due to be charged. It can be fully charged in just 2 hours using the USB-C charging port.


The AP10 also features a light. With 8 high CRI LEDs offering 3 brightness levels, beacon and SOS modes, a magnetic base and hanging ring, the pump can be used as a camping lantern. 


Brightness levels, beam distance, run time

High: 300 lumens - 20 meters - 3.5 hours

Mid: 150 lumens - 14 meters - 6.5 hours

Low: 40 lumens - 7 meters - 26 hours


Included: 1 x AP10 , carrying bag, USB-C charging cable, 4 x Nozzles