Nitecore 21700 Intelligent Battery System


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Nitecore 21700 Intelligent Battery System
ML21 Magnetic Light
  • Brightness: 80 lumens
  • CRI: ≥90
  • Colour Temperature: 4000-4500K
  • Runtime: 19 hrs
  • Beam Diameter: 12 meters
  • Peak Beam Intensity: 9 cd
  • Diameter: 22 mm / 0.87"
  • Height: 53.3 mm / 2.1"
  • Weight: 11 g / 0.39 oz.

MPB21 Magnetic Power Bank

  • Input: 5V - 2A (max)
  • Output Voltage: 4.2V ± 1% (battery)
    5V ± 5% (USB)
  • Output Current: 2A (max)
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Nitecore 21700 Intelligent Battery System

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This product (as a stand-alone light) is just BRILLIANT!!! - It provides a soft warm high CRI light, which is ideal for general illumination in the immediate area for anyone to complete tasks. The battery lasts for many many hours. But where this light really excels and simply is not comparable, is how it integrates into a complete system. As it provides an additional battery for another flashlight (such as the MH12s), it has its own charger, it adds virtually no additional weight to your kit. And it also provides you with a power bank. This really is a 'no brainer'... even if today you don't need it, it's still the perfect companion to have in your kit for the versatility it offers.


The Nitecore 21700 Intelligent Battery System is an innovative new design with a li-ion battery at its core and a range of modules that attach magnetically for convenient, compact use. The set-up includes a high performance Nitecore i Series 21700 NL2150HPi battery, an ML21 light and MPB21 power bank.

The Nitecore 21700 li-ion battery is designed to offer a consistent power source and easily transfer power between different devices when you're on the go. The cell has a dual way output with positive and negative polarities at both ends and a high energy density. It enables a highly efficient output by minimising loss of power due to internal resistance. Should you wish to charge the battery in an external charger, it is compatible with the Nitecore UM2, UM4, UMS2, UMS4, UI1 and UI2. The NL2150HPi battery features a capacity of 5000mAh and a 15A continous discharge current. 

The Nitecore ML21 magnetic light offers a high CRI output with a maximum brightness of 80 lumens. Simply attach to the battery and use as a handheld or tail stand light. The CRI 90 rating provides a colour temperature between 4000K and 4500K which provides a warm beam that reduces eye strain and provides good colour retention.

The Nitecore MPB21 magnetic power bank turns the 21700 battery into a convenient battery pack. Featuring a USB port, the module combined with the battery can recharge your electronic devices when you are on the go. The module also allows for recharging the 21700 battery.

The Intelligent Battery System has a range of protective safeguards, including:

  • Over-current protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Over-charge protection
  • Over-voltage protection