Fenix WH23R


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Fenix WH23R


  • Length:

    86.45 mm

  • Width:

    45 mm

  • Height:

    43.72 mm

  • Weight:

    115 g


  • Material:

    Quality plastics

  • LED:

    2 x Luminus LED

  • Switch:

    Rotatory on and off switch

  • Reflector:

    Smooth and Orange Peel


  • Rechargeable:


  • Special Modes:

    On/off sensor with hand motion

  • Maximum Output:

    600 lumens

  • Maximum Beam Distance:

    84 meters

  • Water resistant:



  • Included:

    Built-in rechargeable battery

  • Compatible:


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Fenix WH23R

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The Fenix WH23R headlamp has a maximum output of 600 lumens and a maximum beam distance of 100 meters. Powered by a built-in 2000 mAh battery, the lamp can be recharged using the USB-C charging port and fully recharged in as little as 1.5 hours.

The WH23R has been specifically designed for tough industrial use. Made from high quality PC material, the lamp has excellent impact and abrasion resistance due to the robust outer casing.

The light features a rotatory switch to select from the 3 lighting modes; spot, flood or both. It also features a central push button to change brightness levels. A clever, front facing IR sensor can be used to switch the light on or off by waving your hand across the headlamp face.

The WH23R also features:

  • Mode memory
  • LED battery level / charging indicator
  • Electronic overheat protection
  • Perforated, breathable, comfortable headband
  • 60 degree tilt mechanism for ideal alignment

Brightness levels, beam distance and runtime

Main Beam

High: 300 lumens, 84 meter beam distance, 6.3 hour runtime

Med - 120 lumens, 53 meter beam distance, 9.5 hour runtime

Low: 30 lumens, 26 meter beam distance, 35.9 hour runtime

Pure flood beam

High: 300 lumens, 35 meter beam distance, 6.25 hour runtime

Med: 70 lumens, 17 meter beam distance, 15.5 hour runtime

Low: 5 lumens, 5 meter beam distance, 150 hour runtime

Combined beams: 600 lumens, 100 meter beam distance, 3.8 hour runtime.

Includes: USB type-C charging cable

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