Fenix TK35 2018 Ultimate Edition


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Fenix TK35 2018 Ultimate Edition
  • Reflector: Aluminium orange peel
  • Lens Type: Toughened ultra clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
  • Construction: Durable aircraft grade aluminium
  • Finish: Premium type III hard anodised anti-abrasive finish
  • Tail Stand: Yes
  • Pocket Clip: No
  • Length: 164.5 mm
  • Head Diameter: 48 mm
  • Body Diameter: 43 mm
  • Weight: 286 g
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Fenix TK35 2018 Ultimate Edition

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The Fenix TK35 2018 Ultimate Edition (UE) flashlight has an impressive maximum output of 3200 lumens from the Cree XHP70 LED and is powered by 2 x 18650 Li-ion batteries. The torch features a rechargeable battery holder for two 18650 Li-ion batteries. The holder can be removed from the flashlight and plugged into a USB power source using the included charging cable so no separate charger is required. Please note that the 18650 batteries need to be purchased separately. An indicator light on the battery holder shows red while charging and turns green once charging is complete.

The TK35 2018 Ultimate Edition features a tactical operation system, consisting of a tactical and functional tail switch, plus an innovative rotating toggle switch which allows easy switching between the three modes of the torch:

Tactical Mode: 2000 Lumens + Strobe

Tactical Switch: Tap to instantly turn on, fully press to constantly turn on/off turbo

Function Switch: Press and hold for 1 second to enter strove. Press and hold again for 1 second to return to turbo.

Outdoor Mode: 5 Brightness Levels + Strobe + SOS

Tactical Switch: Tap the switch to turn on, fully press to turn on/off.

Function Switch: In general mode, single click to select brightness, press and hold for 1 second to enter flash mode, press and hold once again to enter general mode. In flash mode, single click to switch between strobe and SOS.

Lockout Mode:

Locks all modes to prevent accidental operation. Please note that if the battery level indicator on the tail lights up, the tactical switch is still in the on position.

Brightness Levels and Runtimes:
Turbo: (Outdoor mode) 3200 lumens - 1 hr 30 minutes runtime (Tactical mode) 2000 lumens - 2 hours runtime
High: 1000 lumens - 3 hours 40 minutes runtime
Mid: 350 lumens - 10 hours 50 minutes runtime
Low: 100 lumens - 38 hours 40 minutes runtime
Eco: 20 lumens - 152 hours runtime

Plus Strobe (3200 lumens) and SOS (100 lumens).

Each time the Fenix TK35 2018 UE is turned on, a battery level indicator will automatically display the battery status for three seconds. Constant green = fully charged, flashing green = good charge, constant red = low, flashing red = critical and needs charging.

Maximum beam distance 300 meters, waterproof to IP68 and resistant to impacts up to 1 meter. Capable of tail standing.

Includes: Spare o-ring, wrist lanyard, belt holster, USB charging lead.

**Please note: Batteries are not included**