Fenix BC05R


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Fenix BC05R


  • Length:

    51 mm

  • Width:

    22 mm

  • Height:

    21 mm

  • Weight:

    19 g


  • Material:

    Quality plastics

  • Switch:



  • Rechargeable:


  • Special Modes:


  • Maximum Output:

    10 lumens

  • Maximum Beam Distance:

    6 meters

  • Water Resistant:



  • Included:

    Built-in li-polymer

  • Compatible:


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Fenix BC05R

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The Fenix BC05R bike light provides a maximum output of 10 lumens of red light to use as a tail light to ensure other road users are aware of your presence. The light is powered by a built-in 240mAh Li-polymer battery, which is rechargeable via a convenient Type-C interface which offers fast and efficient charging.

Operated by a single switch, the light is easy to use; press and hold the switch to turn the light on and off, and single click to cycle through the modes. This simple operation system allows for quick access to your desired mode, ensuring you can get on your way without delay.

Lightweight and compact, the BC05R ensures you and your bike are seen and safe, without adding weight and bulk to your cycling set-up. The light is about the same size and weight of a single AA battery!

The bicycle light comes with an elastic, silicone mounting strap which fits firmly to your seat post and can easily be attached without the need for tools. Alternatively, the BC05R can be attached to a backpack or mounted to your waist or chest using the included body clip.

Brightness Levels:
High: 10 lumens - 1.8 hrs runtime
Low: 2 lumens - 10 hrs runtime
Slow Flash: 2 lumens - 40 hrs runtime
Fast Flash: 2 lumenss - 72 hrs runtime

Maximum beam distance 6 meters, waterproof to IP66 and resistant to impacts up to 1 meter.

Includes: Type-C charging cable, bicycle mounting strap, body clip, built-in battery.