Eagletac MX30L3-CR


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Eagletac MX30L3-CR


  • Length:

    147 mm / 5.8"

  • Body Diameter:

    46 mm / 1.8"

  • Head Diameter:

    62 mm / 2.5"

  • Weight:

    449 g / 15.9 oz.


  • Material:

    HAIII hard anodised aerospace aluminium

  • LED:

    6 x XP-L HD / 6 x Nichia 219C

  • Switch:

    Dual side switches

  • Lens:

    AR coated waterwhite lens

  • Reflector:

    Smooth aluminium


  • Rechargeable:


  • Special Modes:

    Beacon and SOS

  • Maximum Output:

    5018 lumens

  • Maximum Beam Distance:

    376 meters

  • Water Resistant:



  • Included:

    Eagletac battery pack

  • Compatible:

    Eagletac battery pack

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Eagletac MX30L3-CR

1 Review

4.0 Overall rating



I love it! The only reason I'm knocking off a star is because the torch has no zoom function, so the beam can't go from spot to flood. Any thicker than this and I'd struggle to hold it in my tiny female hand, so this is the perfect size. It does get hot so I only use it on full power for short durations. It's easy to switch between lowest and highest power, no need to go through the other four power steps. I'm a photographer, and needed a high CRI torch to maintain colour accuracy in my work. Most torch brands don't care about the quality of the light as long as it's bright, so Eagletac is one of the few brands that offer the high CRI Nichia LEDs. I like to put coloured photographic gels on the torch but they melt despite being made for high temps. I've had to improvise a cardboard tube that creates some distance between the torch and the gel. The diffuser is a nice touch, very useful for photographers, it evens out the light so there's less of a hotspot. It charges quickly too, and comes with a US to UK plug adapter.


The Eagletac MX30L3-CR torch is available with two choices of LED; either 6 x Nichia 219C warm white LED or 6 x XP-L HD cool white LED. The XP-L HD version has a maximum output of 5018 lumens and for the Nichia 219C has a maximum output of 3160 lumens. The flashlight is powered by a battery pack consisting of 3 x 18650 cells, which comes included with the torch.

Offering incredible brightness, the MX30L3-CR features five brightness levels and has two hidden auxiliary levels, plus an instant strobe mode. Providing such a range of outputs ensures that the flashlight provides a suitable light for any situation.

The flashlight has a dual switch design for easy operation with one hand. To turn the torch on to Maximum press the black switch or the white switch for Minimum mode. Alternatively, for momentary on press and hold the black switch. Once the MX30L3-CR is on, press and release the white button to cycle to the next output level.

Brightness Levels:

Turbo: 5018 lumens - 0.8 hrs runtime (Please note the output decreases to 3390 lumens to avoid overheating)
High: 2570 lumens - 2.5 hrs runtime
Mid: 970 lumens - 9.3 hrs runtime
Low: 380 lumens - 28 hrs runtime
Ultralow: 52 lumens - 120 hrs runtime

Maximum beam distance 401 meters.

Nichia 219C LED
Turbo: 3160 lumens - 0.8 hrs runtime (Please note the output decreases to 2140 lumens to avoid overheating)
High: 1620 lumens - 2.5 hrs runtime
Mid: 615 lumens - 9.3 hrs runtime
Low: 240 lumens - 28 hrs runtime
Ultralow: 35 lumens - 120 hrs runtime

Maximum beam distance 376 meters.

Waterproof to IPX-8.

Base Version Includes: spare o-rings, Eagletac 3 x 18650 2500mAh 27.7Wh battery pack, wrist lanyard, 100V-240V wall charger, smooth aluminium black bezel.

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