Eagletac D25A Clicky

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Eagletac D25A Clicky
  • Length: 87mm
  • Head Diameter: 17.5mm, Body Diameter 17mm
  • Two groups (1 & 2) output, selected by twisting head/bezel
  • Three levels brightness and seven hidden modes (strobe, beacon, SOS, flash, etc) at group 1 (head loosen)
  • Turbo output and tactical strobe output at group 2 (head tighten)
  • Stainless steel bezel coated wit durable titanium in dark grey
  • Syntax ultra-clear glass lens w/ harden and both-side AR coating
  • Type III finish / aerospace grade aluminum
  • Stainless steel pocket clip in highly polished finish (A and C)
  • Light orange peel (LOP) reflector for maximum output and a smooth beam
  • Gold and silver plated contacts (made with brass and copper)
  • Superior knurling for improved grip
  • Heavy Duty Holster with self retention device
  • Mil-Spec Paracord Lanyard w/ quick attachment clip

Please note: When using a 3.7V 14500 Li-ion Rechargeable battery direct drives the LED at maximum current level - limit each usage to less than five minutes (or less than one minute each with freshly charged li-ion for the first couple times).

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Eagletac D25A Clicky

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4.7 Overall rating




I want to be thorough on this. The form factor is delightful. Large tactical torches with large clips and strike bezels becoming a fashion trend and realistically, you can't carry one of those around in the UK without the police stopping you for a look. The D25A is small, modest and unassuming. Dare I say dressy? There aren't many torches that are this tidy. I like my torches to fit comfortably in my hand and my inner jacket pocket. A single AA battery is easy to come by and is available at any corner shop, supermarket, fuel station and hardware retailer, you won't have to worry about finding a replacement. Lumens and battery times are respectable...its an AA battery. My criticisms...with an AA battery inside, it can be heard rattling inside if you give the torch a purposeful shake.. I don't know if this is a recurring quality issue with EagleTac but I don't hear anything moving around in the D25C model. My second criticism (This would go for their other products in the D range) is EagleTacs decision to have large number of flash/strobe/SOS/beacon modes. Its a twist head to select your settings. Tightest wound = Turbo setting & Strobe. That's it, great! Simple and easy to remember. A little loosing and you go to your other settings. With a tap/half press you now have low, medium, high and an infinite number of strobes. When you loosen it, it is still on tight and you don't have to worry about the head falling off. Just a little turn and you're there. There is a moonlight mode but at this point, you'll have enough on your plate already to not remember you have moonlight mode. I can't even remember how to access it. There isn't a memory mode which isn't a bad thing in this case. With all of these settings available - having a memory mode would mean having to keep cycling through them if you want to get back to your low mode, if you haven't given yourself a headache at this point. Just turn the torch off and you're back at low mode...its a lot to remember for a single button torch and a twisty head. I just stick to my low, medium and high settings. Whilst you still have access to all of these other settings which you can accidentally fall in to, you can easily get away from them with a hit of the switch.


My Grandson recommended this product and I am really pleased with this purchase


The torch is powered by one AA battery.

EagleTac D25A clicky flashlights are one of the smallest push button flashlight systems on the market today. Compact design, easy-to-use user interface, market leading output/brightness makes the EagleTac D25 clicky an extremely versatile flashlight for everyday carry (EDC).

Brightness Levels:
XM-L2 U4 Cool White
High: 162 lumens - 1.3 hrs runtime
Mid: 97 lumens - 2.5 hrs runtime
Low: 11 lumens - 20 hrs runtime
Ultralow: 0.5 lumens - 150+ hrs runtime

Nichia 219C C192 D240
High: 97 lumens - 1.3 hrs runtime
Mid: 60 lumens - 2.5 hrs runtime
Low: 11 lumens - 20 hrs runtime
Ultralow: 0.5 lumens - 150+ hrs runtime

XP-L HI Cool White 
High: 147 lumens - 1.3 hrs runtime
Mid: 88 lumens - 2.5 hrs runtime
Low: 9 lumens - 20 hrs runtime
Ultralow: 0.5 lumens - 150+ hrs runtime

Plus strobe, flash, SOS & beacon modes.

The D25A Clicky has many unique features including stainless steel clip, stainless steel bezel, all-copper spring, customized rigid holster with self-retention device & flip, water tight lens with AR & Sapphire coatings, deep reflector in VLOP finish (Very Light Orange Peel)

Included: rigid holster, wrist lanyard, 1 x AA battery & spare o-rings.