Armytek Wizard Pro V3 XHP50


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Armytek Wizard Pro V3 XHP50


  • Length:

    108 mm

  • Body Diameter:

    24.5 mm

  • Head Diameter:

    29 mm

  • Weight:

    59 g


  • Material:

    Aircraft grade aluminium

  • LED:

    Cree XHP50 (cool or warm)

  • Switch:

    Side switch

  • Lens:



  • Rechargeable:


  • Special Modes:

    3 strobe modes

  • Maximum Output:

    1800 lumens

  • Maximum Beam Distance:

    130 lumens

  • Water Resistant:



  • Included:

    1 x 18650

  • Compatible:

    1 x 18650

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Armytek Wizard Pro V3 XHP50

19 Reviews

4.9 Overall rating



Excellent product. I wanted a good quality head torch and after a bit of research this seemed like the right choice. I particularly like the magnetic charging feature.


great product well engineered


I really like it . Small and powerful torch. Highly recommended sellers.


After lots of research and a chat with the technical guy at Flashaholics I decided to go with this device as I wanted something to use for dog walking and for a work light. Cannot say that I am disappointed. After a couple of minutes working out the different light modes it becomes quite simple to use. Good broad warm beam that will illuminate the "whole" of my garden. I like the fact that it remembers the last mode and that strobe is tucked away on 4 button presses. Pocket clip very useful, as is the strong magnetic base. It comes with head mount, magnetic charger and battery so that's a bonus too. Love the size and the flexibility in light outputs I would definitely recommend this light to anyone with similar requirements.


Great headlamp. Amazing how bright it is.





I'm hoping that this will be better than my previous head torch (PS-H6 | Unilite LED Head Torch) have not had a chance to try it yet. Due to being a Christmas present.


Had a wizard before . Great torch new model better , USB charging ,a battery and magnetic base.



Great product. Pretty fast shipping to Germany also. I'm very happy :)


Excellent torch, can confirm this is the version with radiator fins around top, not like the picture. This is the most current version helps with heat dissipation.


Excellent service and price by Flashaholics. Well built torch, Very strong magnetic tailcap for mounting to a metal surface whilst using the light. Very wide beam pattern. Love the Firefly modes (ultra low brightness) for general night time pottering around. The turbo is very bright and great for the odd occasion but the torch will get extremely hot although better than previous versions due to the cooling fins now near the head of the torch. Very comfortable head band and the torch isn't too heavy in this position. A really fantastic UI operating system. Able to get back to the last setting with one click. The Usb charging works well incorporating a coloured indicator showing the charge state, this is the option that I had been waiting for before buying the torch. Waterproof with double seals at the twist cap. The on/off switch can be set to show the battery level although I find it distracting when turned on. The only question mark is why it comes with a 3200mAh battery when the specifications show the ratings with a 3400mAh battery. Although I appreciate that a battery is included. If you do buy an additional battery then make sure it is an ' Unprotected battery with the ability to allow a high drain of a minimum of 7A or a better quality 10A drain. A great little torch and highly recommended, worth paying the extra over the cheaper alternatives. Backed by a 10 year warranty. This is a personal review.


Great flashlight, another quality light for my collection


A Excellent, powerfully bright flashlight from Armytek. I love firefly mode feature.


This is a great little torch, exactly suited for my needs. Very robust construction, with a solid feel. The clicky system of light adjustment is easy to understand. The amount of spread, and brightness this torch throws is brilliant. Well worth the money.


the best head torch, super powerful easy to use and usb charge.


A fantastic, robust and very powerful head torch.


Fast and efficient. Great service.


The Armytek Wizard Pro V3 head torch has a maximum output of 1800 lumens (the warm white version has a maximum of 1674 lumens) from the Cree XHP50 LED and is powered by an 18650 Li-ion battery.

**Please note: This is the latest version with cooling fins for improved heatsinking, slightly different than the images which show the old model without any fins**

The compact, lightweight torch withstands high impacts and diverse conditions. The Wizard Pro V3 comes with a comfortable headband, made from soft elastic that is ideal for wearing for any application, including fishing, hunting, travel and home.

The flashlight comes with a 3200mAh 18650 flat top Li-ion battery and a magnetic charging cable which can easily be attached to the base of the Wizard Pro V3, allowing for easy and convenient charging. Please note that only an 18650 cell can be charged inside the torch.

Featuring a user-friendly interface, the Wizard Pro V3 headlamp is operated using one side switch, making it comfortable for one handed operation.

Available with a Cool white or Warm white LED.

Brightness Levels:
1. Cool = 1800 lumens - 1 hr runtime / Warm = 1674 lumens - 1 hr runtime
2. Cool = 900 lumens - 1 hr 40 mins runtime / Warm = 837 lumens - 1 hr 40 mins runtime
3. Cool = 390 lumens - 4 hrs runtime / Warm = 363 lumens - 3 hrs 30 mins runtime
4. Cool = 165 lumens - 10 hrs 30 mins runtime / Warm = 167 lumens - 8 hrs 30 mins runtime
5. Cool = 30 lumens - 50 hrs runtime / Warm = 28 lumens - 50 hrs runtime
6. Cool = 5.5 lumens - 12 days runtime / Warm = 5 lumens - 12 days runtime
7. Cool = 1.5 lumens - 40 days runtime / Warm = 1.4 lumens - 40 days runtime
8. Cool = 0.15 lumens - 200 days runtime / Warm = 0.14 lumens - 200 days runtime

Plus three Strobe modes. 

Maximum beam distance for Cool white is 130 meters and Warm is 126 meters. Waterproof to IP68 and resistant to impacts up to 10 meters.

Includes: clip, plastic mount, spare o-rings, headband, lanyard, lanyard ring, magnet, 3200mAh 18650 battery