Armytek Dobermann Pro XHP35 Hi


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Armytek Dobermann Pro XHP35 Hi


  • Length:

    140 mm

  • Body Diameter:

    25.4 mm

  • Head Diameter:

    34 mm

  • Weight:

    115 g


  • Material:

    Aircraft grade aluminium

  • LED:

    XHP35 HI

  • Switch:

    Tail switch

  • Reflector:



  • Rechargeable:


  • Special Modes:

    2 Strobe outputs

  • Maximum Output:

    1400 lumens

  • Maximum Beam Distance:

    395 meters

  • Water Resistant:



  • Included:


  • Compatible:

    1 x 18650 / 2 x RCR123 (16340) / 2 x CR123

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Armytek Dobermann Pro XHP35 Hi

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5.0 Overall rating



Bought this XHP35 having owned the standard (non Pro) version with XP-L for about a year. That is a fantastic light, but this one blows it away! Immediately seems brighter on full turbo. Although it’s not quite as white as the standard light it is not overly tinted either. In a quick test against an Eagletac T25C2 (XP-L) it proved visually to be whiter, just not as white as the standard light. Interestingly, the Pro seems to have a bigger hotspot. Seems contra to the manual specs but I am not disappointed. Outside the beam seems more even on the Pro, with hotspot and spill merging nicely, whereas the standard light is defined hotspot with a clear drop-off to the spill. All in all a nicer beam – although I never thought there was anything particularly wrong with the old one. Can’t really speak to the ultimate distance of the beam as only tested over a hundred yards or so. Another nice feature over the standard model is that when in the “tactical” mode, if you loosen then tighten the head quickly it drops the power down to what they call “Main 2” which is supposed to be about 150 lumens. I would say it’s a nice everyday amount of light. But here’s the good thing – once in the Main 2 setting, it is memorised for next time you switch on or momentary on with a half press. So you can leave it with the head fully tightened and ready to go on a more acceptable level when you don’t need that blinding light. I like this because my only gripe on the standard model was you needed the head unscrewed for lower level and if you had pre-set the one you wanted, but half pressed and then pressed again too quickly – it went up a notch on the level. Could be irritating! So it’s now on Tactical mode and yes, I’ve lost the other intermediate levels and the firefly, but that’s OK as it has made it simpler to use. And the strobe is there if I want it, which I probably won’t, but ha ho. Only gripe? Well two really. The price hike over the standard is a lot (£20+) but maybe that’s because it’s new and paying a premium for that – so I’ll let that one go. The other is that it does not come with batteries included – to be fair to Flashaholics it does not say it will (where the standard light does) but it’s the first time I have brought a light and not got “free” batteries included. Can I let that one go? I suppose so as it’s is such a good light. DG, Kent


The Armytek Dobermann Pro has a maximum output of 1400 lumens from the Cree XHP35 HI LED and has a range of battery choices, including 1 x 18650, 2 x RCR123 (16340) or CR123 cells.

This powerful and reliable flashlight offers incredible brightness and a beam distance up to 390 meters, making it the ideal everyday torch. Compact and lightweight, the Dobermann Pro can be comfortably carried or mounted onto a weapon. 

Offering seven brightness settings, ranging from 0.15 to 1400 lumens, the Dobermann Pro is suitable in any situation, including camping, walking, reading and DIY.

Brightness Levels:
Turbo 2: 1400 lumens - 1 hr runtime
Turbo 1: 800 lumens - 1.7 hrs runtime
Main 3: 350 lumens - 4 hrs runtime
Main 2: 150 lumens - 10.5 hrs runtime
Main 1: 30 lumens - 50 hrs runtime
Firefly 2: 1.7 lumens - 40 days runtime
Firefly 1: 0.15 lumens - 200 days runtime

Plus two Strobe modes (1400 lumens - 2 hrs / 150 lumens - 22 hrs).

Maximum beam distance 395 meters and waterproof to IPX-8.

Includes: clip, rubber rings, rubber grip, lanyard, holster, spare rubber button and spare o-rings.