Armytek Armytek Wizard C2 WUV


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Armytek Armytek Wizard C2 WUV
  • Peak Beam Intensity: 2400 cd
  • Hotspot: 70º
  • Spill: 120º
  • Length: 112 mm
  • Body Diameter: 20.4 mm
  • Head Diameter: 33 mm
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Armytek Armytek Wizard C2 WUV

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The Armytek Wizard C2 WUV flashlight has a maximum output of 1100 lumens of white light from the 2 x Cree XD16 LEDs and 1595 mW ultraviolet light from the 2 x Prolight PQ2N LEDs. The light is powered by 1 x 18650 li-ion battery (included) which is rechargeable via a magnetic USB cable that attaches to the base of the light.

The torch is ideal for those who require a light for everyday, general use and professional applications. The UV output allows for detecting leaks, spotting fluorescent marks, finding minerals and forensic investigations. The white output can be used for jogging, cycling, outdoor recreation, construction and mechanical work.

The Wizard C2 can be used as a handheld torch or a headlamp with the included mount and band. Alternatively, you can attach the unit to a metal surface by the magnetic tail cap. The flashlight is operated by a simple user interface which allows for one-handed use.

Brightness Levels:
White light
Turbo: 1100 lumens - 2 hrs 30 mins runtime
Main 2: 410 lumens - 4 hrs runtime
Main 1: 130 lumens - 13 hrs runtime
Firefly: 0.6 lumens - 65 days runtime
Strobe: 410 lumens / 1 Hz - 17 hrs runtime

Ultraviolet light
Turbo: 1595 mW - 3 hrs runtime
Main 2: 491 mW - 7 hrs 30 mins runtime
Main 1: 120 mW - 32 hrs runtime
Firefly: 1 mW - 9 days runtime
Strobe: 1595 mW / 1 Hz - 15 hrs runtime

Maximum beam distance 98 meters.

Includes: 1 x Armytek 3200mAh 18650 li-ion battery, magnetic USB charger, pocket clip, head mount, 2 x spare o-rings.