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Sportac P60 Drop-in

Different and superior than the rest of the P60 drop-ins. The Sportac P60 drop-in uses all brass construction for maximum heat sink capability. The unique design allows the drop-in to be directly in touch with the flashlight body for quick heat transfer, thus allowing LED to be driven harder and running brighter. Featuring state-of-art C3000 LED driver and latest LED technology, Sportac is simply the best P60 drop-in ever made.

C3000 LED Driver

Sportac P60 LED Drop-in uses highly efficient synchronous buck current regulated circuit that controls the precious amount of current that goes through the LED. This results in constant brightness output regardless of LED variation, battery voltage, and temperature change. We utilize low RDS(on) high power external mosfets, rugged & shielded power inductor, low ESR tantalum capacitors, and low resistance 2 oz copper PCB for maximum efficiency. This also lower required input voltage to current regulate the LED at maximum output when the battery voltage is near the LED forward voltage (i.e. longer regulated runtime with single li-ion battery).