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Fenix AB02 Flashlight Belt Clip

Perfect for hands free use of your torch.

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Fenix Red Diffuser Tip AD101-R

A101-R Red Diffuser Tip fits the Fenix LD10, LD20, PD20, PD30 models.

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Fenix AD302 Colour Filters

Available to fit the Fenix TK11 & TK12

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Fenix AD401 Diffuser Lens

Fenix clip on torch diffuser for L1D, L2D, P2D, P3D, LD10, LD20, PD20, PD30, HP10 models. Fits bezels 20-21.5mm

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Fenix Camping Lampshade AD502-N

Fenix Camping Lampshade AD502N transforms your Fenix TA20, TA21, TK11, TK12 or TK15 into a powerful camping lampshade.

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Fenix AER-02 Remote Switch

A silent tactical tail switch for the PD35, TK09, TK15, TK22, UC35, TK15C & PD35 Tactical models.

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Fenix AER-03 V2.0 Remote Switch

This silent tactical remote switch fits the Fenix torches that have dual layer body construction such as TK16 & TK32 (2015 Edition).

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Fenix AER-04 Pressure Remote Switch

Fenix AER-04 Remote Pressure Switch for 21700 powered tactical flashlights.

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Fenix AFB-10 Waist Bag

Fenix AFB-10 Waist Bag with Adjustable Belt.

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Fenix AFH-10 Headband

Fenix AFH-10 Sports Headband in black.

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Fenix ALB-10 Bike Mount

Fenix ALB-10 quick detatch torch mount.

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Fenix ALB-20 Titanium Clip

Fenix ALB-20 Titanium Clip. Made from TC4 Titanium Alloy.

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Fenix ALF-18 Battery Converter

Fenix ALF-18 18650 to 21700 Battery Converter.

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Fenix ALG-00 Quick Release Torch Mount

Fenix ALG-00 Quick Release Torch Rail Mount.

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Fenix ALG-03 Helmet Headlamp Attachment

Fenix ALG-03 Headlamp Attachment for Fenix HL55 and HL60R Models.

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Fenix ALG-03 V2.0 Helmet Headlamp Attachment

Fenix ALG-03 V2.0 Headlamp Attachment for Fenix HM61R, HM65R, HL55 and HL60R Head Lights.

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Fenix AOD-S Diffuser Tip

Converts your Fenix torch into a powerful, versatile 360 degree lantern.

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Fenix AOD-M Diffuser Tip

Fenix AOD-M Push-on Diffuser Tip. Compatible with torches with a 34mm head diameter.

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Fenix AOF-S+ Filter

Push on filter - chioce of red, blue or green.

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Fenix AOF-L Filters

Available to fit the Fenix E40, E50, LD41, TK22 & RC15. Will also fit 40mm diameter head torches.

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Fenix AOT-02 Traffic Wand

Fenix AOT-02 Traffic Wand or Diffuser Tip.

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Fenix AOT-S Traffic Wand

Fits the Fenix models LD10, LD12, LD20, LD22, PD22, PD32, PD35, E21, E25 and E35.

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Fenix AOT-M Traffic Wand

Fenix push fit signalling wand to fit the Fenix TK11, TK15 & RC10.

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Fenix AR102 Remote Pressure Switch

Fenix AR102 remote switch designed to fit Fenix square cut thread models TA20, TK11 R5, TK15, TK21 and TK22.

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Fenix Torch Headband

Can hold one or two flashlights with 18-22mm diameter bodies. Includes waterproof battery magazine.

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Fenix T5 Aluminium Tactical Pen

Fenix T5 Aluminium Tactical Pen in Black.

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Fenix T5 Ti Tactical Pen

Fenix T5Ti Halberd Tactical Pen in Grey or Blue.

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