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SOG Key Knife

Folding blade key knife - choice of Brass KEY-102CP, Pink KEY108, Black KEY101, Blue KEY106.

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SOG Flint Multi-Tool

SOG Flint Multi-tool for emergency and survival.

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SOG Flash II - Black GRN Handle & Combo Satin Blade

Flash II knife FSA98-CP with black GRN handle & drop point, combo edge satin blade.

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SOG B66N-CP Power Assist

Power Assisted Blades - Black Oxide Finish B66N-CP. Piano-Locks, Compound Leverage, gear covers and V-Cutter

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SOG Flash II - Black GRN Handle & Black TiNi Combo Blade

SOG Flash II knife TFSA98-CP with a partially serrated edge & a glass reinforced GRN handle.

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SOG S66N-CP Power Assist

S66N-CP Polished Steel Finish. Piano-Locks, Compound Leverage, gear covers and V-Cutter.

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SOG Salute Mini - G10 Handle & Bead Blast Blade

SOG Salute Mini FF1001-CP with Black G10 handle & beadblast plain edge blade.

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SOG S62N-CP PowerLock Multi-Tool

S62-N PowerLock - Polished Steel Finish. V-Cutter, Compound Leverage and Saw.

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SOG Seal Strike - Black GRN Handle & Grey Combo Blade

SS1001-CP SOG Seal Strike - Black GRN/Steel Handle, Black Combo Edge Blade, Moulded Sheath.

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SOG S60N-CP PowerLock

SOG PowerLock S60N-CP Multi-Tool with 18 Tools.

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SOG Seal Pup - Black GRN Handle & Black Combo Edge Blade

M37N-CP SOG Seal Pup Knife - Black GRN Handle, Black Combo Edge Blade - with nylon sheath.

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SOG Q1 Baton

SOG Baton Q1 Multi-Tool with 4 Tools.

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SOG Q2 Baton

SOG Q2 Baton Multi-Tool with 4 Tools for the Urban Go-Getter.

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SOG Seal Pup Elite - GRN Handle & Fixed Combo Blade

SOG Seal Pup Elite (E37T-K) Knife with Kydex Sheath.

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SOG Q3 Baton

SOG Q3 Baton Multi-Tool with 10 Tools and a Pocket Clip.

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SOG Q4 Baton

SOG Q4 Baton Multi-Tool with 10 Tools.

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SOG Terminus - Tan G-10 Handle & Plain Blade

SOG Terminus with Tan Handle and Plain Satin Blade.

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SOG Terminus - G-10 Handle & Plain Black Blade

SOG Terminus with Black G-10 Handle & Black Blade.

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SOG Tactical Tomahawk

SOG Tactical Tomahawk with Black or Polished Finish.

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SOG Traction - Black GRN Handle & Plain Edge, Tanto Blade

TD1012-CP SOG Traction - Black GRN handle, Satin Polished Tanto Blade, Plain Edge.

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SOG Fasthawk

SOG Fasthawk Axe with Polished Head.

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