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SOL Rescue Howler Whistle

Rescue Howler Whistle, 2 Pack

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SOL Sharx Whistle

Emits a powerful 120db dual-frequency signal.

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SOL Rescue Flash Signal Mirror

Visible over ten miles

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Nitecore NWS10 Whistle

NWS10 120db single chamber titanium whistle.

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Nitecore NWS20 Whistle

Nitecore NWS20 120db titanium whistle.

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Smith's Pack Pal Sharpener & Fire Starter & Whistle

Pack Pal Sharpener & Fire Starter & Whistle - 50538

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UST Jetscream Floating Whistle

Heard over most natural and man-made noises.

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Fenix NW20 Mark II Whistle

Fenix NW20 Mark II stainless steel survival whistle.

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Fenix NW30 Life Saving Whistle

The Fenix NW30 is designed to give you the best chance for survival in a disaster or life threatening situation.

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