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Fenix HL30

The new Fenix HL30 head torch is powered by two AA batteries and has a maximum output of 200 lumens. A great little headlamp that is ideal for use when camping.

In addition to the main white beam, there is a secondary red LED (activated by holding the mode switch) for low light usage, red lights does not degrade night vision as much and is useful for close range work.

The HL30 has four brightness levels, SOS mode plus red light output:

Other features include a dual switch for easy operation, adjustable angle head, optical lens for a perfect beam pattern and waterproof to IPX-6 standards.

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Fenix HL30

HL30 Red LED

Fenix HL-30

Camping Head Torch

Fenix HL30 AA Batteries


Press the power switch button to turn on the headlamp. Press it once to turn it off.

With the headlamp off:

A single press on the mode switch button activates the red light mode;

With the headlamp on:

A single press on the mode switch button allows switching between: Turbo, Low, Mid and High brightness levels. Press and hold the mode switch button for about one second to activate the red light mode. Press and hold the mode switch button for about 3 seconds to activate the SOS mode. While in red light or SOS mode, a single press on the mode switch button returns the HL30 to general mode.

HL30 memorizes the brightness level, not the mode, while in the general mode. When turned off and then on, the headlamp automatically enters the general mode. Overheating protection: HL30 is a high-performance lighting system that can become hot to the touch when operated for long periods at high brightness levels. To avoid overheating the headlamp, HL30 will downshift from TURBO to HIGH after five minutes of use. If TURBO is needed for extended periods, simply reset it, recognizing heat build-up is probable.